Everyone should have unrestricted access to life's essentials - food, water, shelter, sanitation and healthcare - yet today, millions do not. Maharaja Life Foundation aims to change this by alleviating poverty in India, with an initial focus on access to clean water.

Set up by Tarun Mahrotri and his family in 2012, Maharaja Life Foundation is a UK-registered grant-giving charity that identifies and supports a select number of organisations, running life-changing projects in the region.

Donations are never spent on administration, as day-to-day running costs are covered by the Foundation corpus, as well as profits from Maharaja Life Consulting (www.maharajalife.com). Consequently, every penny raised is invested directly into projects that make a real difference.

The Maharaja Life Foundation corpus is made up of a large and growing number of patrons and committee members. These include prolific figures and international influencers in business and society. Together with their generous assistance, funds are raised in a variety of different ways, which inspire both donations and awareness.

The Foundation's first partnership is with ONE DROP (www.onedrop.org), an initiative of Guy Laliberte, Founder of Cirque du Soleil. ONE DROP strives to fight poverty by providing access to water and raising awareness among individuals and communities about the need for mobilization in order to make safe water accessible to all, in sufficient quantity, today and tomorrow.

Maharaja Life Foundation is planning more partnerships with charities and organisations in the future.

Find out more by emailing info@maharajalife.org

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